Brett Caraway

Professor of Media Economics & Sustainability Management

University of Toronto


I was invited to address the Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics in the House of Commons. This was part of the Committee’s series of meetings on the Use Of Social Media Platforms For Data Harvesting And Unethical Or Illicit Sharing Of Personal Information With Foreign Entities. These meetings came in the wake of the government’s decision to ban TikTok on the mobile devices of public employees and as the Canadian Government undertakes a major revision of its approach to AI and privacy regulation. For more information: CLICK HERE

Jarid Palter and I have a new article examining the ways that private ski clubs in Southern Ontario have attempted to adapt their operations to meet the challenges posed by climate change. From the abstract:  The inter-annual weather variation associated with climate change has emerged as a major risk to the ski tourism industry, adversely impacting season length, snow quality, operating and investment costs, visitation, and neighboring markets.  This study explores the approaches taken by Southern Ontario private ski clubs to address sustainability and climate change, and how various stakeholders and operating structures have shaped their approaches. For more information: CLICK HERE

I am happy to announce that my new book Digital Media Economics: A Critical Introduction is now available for purchase. Written for a wide audience, from undergraduate and graduate students to citizens and activists, this book will teach you about how economics has influenced the digital technologies that we use every day. Most media textbooks won′t tell you much about economic terms, concepts or principles; this book will explain to you the economic theory and history underpinning everything from advertising to computers, social networking sites and streaming services. To read the preface: CLICK HERE