Seedbed Part 11

Distance Made Close

I was looking over my facebook timeline when I saw it. Exactly one year ago I checked in at a local Austin bar after arriving home from a conference in New Zealand. On this night my world came crashing down around me. In the hours that followed I hit the lowest point of my life. It seemed that life was no longer worth living. As I sit here now gazing at that single entry on my

 timeline I feel immense relief. Not only did I survive but I came so far. In those moments of despair I had no way of knowing what was to come. I knew nothing of Toronto or my life here. I hadn’t even seen the University of Toronto job posting at that point. Still, I managed to push through the pain and eventually arrive at my current destination. Distance measured in space and time. That old life seems so remote, so unhappy, so unreal. I’ve left it far, far behind. But is it really so remote? Continue reading