Seedbed Part 5

Farewell Austin

In exactly one week Angel and I set out together on the mother of all road trips. There will be plenty of photos, essays, and updates here as she and I make our way across the U.S. In the meantime if you and I did not get to see each other in the last month please know that I would love to see you this Wednesday night. Please feel free to come by and have a drink or dinner with me. It’s way cheaper than coming to Canada to have a drink with me.

Originally posted to Facebook July 30, 2012


Seedbed Part 4

So Long Spider House…I’ll Miss You

I hate this place. I’ve earned my right to say that. I’ve been coming to Spider House since the beginning. Hell, I was here when this was just a plain old house. I was here during the opening weeks. What year was it? ’96? ’97? Whatever…I’ve been coming here regularly for about 15 years. I was here when there were only a half a dozen picnic tables sitting in the dirt. I was here before the booze, before the table service, and before the headless statues. I was here before Spider House seemingly created additional property out of thin air to the west, before Art Authority and before the Ballroom. I was here before the covered wooden deck. I was even here before the current infestation of hipsters whose reissue t-shirts, plastic sunglasses, shitty tattoos, and overcompensating facial hair, laden so thick with intended and unintended irony, threatened to rip open Austin’s share of the space-time continuum. I have even been here long enough to watch one incarnation of bathtub boy piss away his legs below the knees. Continue reading